Portada » Nonsense! Sixteen far-fetched short stories

Nonsense! Sixteen far-fetched short stories

What would you say if they told you about too big a sweater, a cruelly ecological car engine, a hero who doesn't want to be one, a sack man, extreme neighbour relationships, a love through a window, a grim robbery, a guerrilla artist girl, a drunk gardener, a dreamy screenwriter, an inconvenient wish, a liberation at fifty years, a virtual world and three stories about a fantastic Catalan shire...?

"Nonsense!", of course, a short story collection with a fair amount of fantasy, plenty of humour, a bit of drama and lots of surrealism.

After enquiring a little, I get him to explain that he is a genuine Blow Master and that he goes from town to town selling cocaine. his voice, though, loses its passion gradually until he pours out his heart out: 'The profession is disappearing: none of my children is interested in tradition'. I see his eyes get wet and he avoids my gaze when he says 'They just go for the easy money'"

Trekking across the Siuranellesès ("Nonsense!")

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