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About me

About me

Upon gratuating from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Journalism), I went out to conquer the world. And then: "veni, vidi, vici", which, to all those not familiar with latin, means: "I came, I saw, I went back to University".

I completed my MA in Screenwriting for TV and Cinema in 2000, and without a proper excuse I eventually joined the workforce as a TV writer.

I started writing for the Catalan public broadcaster TV3's  soap  opera "Laberint d'ombres" and I have worked in a range of TV genres ever since: fiction, children's, humor, interview and documentary. Among other shows, I have written for the late talk show "La cosa nostra" (TV3), the internationally awarded children's puppet show "Los Lunnis" (Spanish public Broadcaster, TVE), and TV3's youth channel "3XL". I have dabbled in other media and formats too, such as internet documentary and corporate videos, and I have also worked as a script reader. I am a member of Guionistes Associats de Catalunya (Catalan Scriptwriters' Guild).

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Tot Es Mou Estiu. TV3 (2022)
The Weekly Mag. La Xarxa (2019-currently)
Revolució 4.0. TV3 (2019)
Tarda oberta. TV3 (2018)
Transform My Meal (Ep. 8, 10 ,16) . Olympic Channel (2016)
Against All Odds (Ep.3). Olympic Channel (2016)
Ariadnadoc.cat (2014)
Canal 3XL (2010–2012)
Fish & Chips. Super 3. (2011)
Vuelta y vuelta. La Sexta. (2010)
El món d’en Guai. IB3 (2007–2008)
Llegendes urbanes. TV3 (2008)
Pol&Cia. TV3 (2007)
Los Lunnis. TVE (2003–2008)
Los Lunnis, la serie. TVE (2004–2006)
12 Punts. TV3 (2004)
Dies de tele. TV3 (2003)
Fes-t’ho de nit. TV3 (2002)
Fes-t’ho mirar. TV3 (2001)
Fent amics. TV3 (2001)
La cosa nostra. TV3 (2000)
Laberint d’ombres. TV3 (1999)

Production Companies

Diagonal TV
El Terrat de Produccions
Televisió de Catalunya
Televisió Espanyola
La productora
Media 3.14
Triacom Audiovisual
Fullaraca Produccions
Marcial AV
La Xarxa de Comunicació Local