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Poor Souls (TV comedy / web series)


Death is only the beginning...

...of a lot of paperwork


When young and efficient Kate's soul gets stuck in Purgatory, she applies for a job in the Afterlife Offices in order to find her own way to Heaven. 

Kate's got everything it takes to succeed. She's young, hard-working, efficient. She's so work-obsessed that she hasn't got a life. Unfortunately, this phrase becomes only too literal when an bus out of control at 30 miles per hour gets too close.

Let's start over.

Does Kate have everything it takes to go to Heaven? Well, not exactly. While it's true that she never did anything bad in life, she never did anything good either. Because of that and her obstinacy, her file gets lost somewhere in the Purgatory and she'll have to wait.

She's never been good at twiddling her thumbs, so she gets a job in the Afterlife Offices and tries to sort it out for herself.

The problem is that, she will first need to fit in the workplace and get on well with her new workmates, which is something she has always sucked at.

TV comedy:  13 episodes, 25 min.,  4 characters. 1 set + some scenes on location
Web series: 15 seven-minute episodes. 1 set.

Domenico di Michelino Dante and His Poem (1465) fresco, in the dome of the church of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence (Florence's cathedral).

Dante Alighieri is shown holding a copy of his epic poem The Divine Comedy. He is pointing to a procession of sinners being lead down to the circles of Hell on the left. Behind him are the seven terraces of Purgatory, with Adam and Eve representing Earthly Paradise on top. Above them, the sun and the moon represent Heavenly Paradise, whilst on the right is Dante's home city of Florence. The illustration of Florence is self referencial, depicting the recently completed and much celebrated cathedral dome inside which the fresco is painted.

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